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CG Cover is an insurance marketplace with products curated specifically for the Common Ground community.

CG Cover is owned by an insurance agency, Goldlynx Sdn Bhd, partnered with an insurance broking company, Rosegate Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd. We have an exclusive agreement with Common Ground Works Sdn Bhd to offer its members insurance products and services online via the Ambition Engine.

Check out the insurance you need on our website and buy online directly with our insurance provider (if available) or get a quote by submitting your interest or just contact us.

All Common Ground members get exclusive discounts for any purchases made through CG Cover. CG members can also get personalised advice from our team. Just drop us a line!

* CG Cover reserves the right at its discretion, to modify, add or remove all discounts/promos/rebates on offer. Terms & conditions apply.

Yes! CG Cover is exclusively for Common Ground members and not available for the public.

Just fill up the contact form here or WhatsApp us! Please be informed that our operating hours are Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 6 pm. 


It’s something you buy from an insurance company to protect yourselves from losing money in unfortunate circumstances. When you buy insurance, you pay a premium and ‘promise’ to be careful. In return, the insurance company pays you back when something bad happens to you or other persons, animals or things that you insured. That said, sometimes, the insurance company may not pay you if you’re found to have been negligent or the event is beyond the insurance terms and conditions.

To protect yourself (and your family) from the losses incurred during unfortunate times. Be worry free knowing that you’re covered when accidents happen and that money is there when you most need it.

Understand your situation and pick out the plan that suits your needs the best in terms of budget and areas covered. At CG Cover, we make it easy for you by highlighting the best bits of the various insurance plans and points that you need to note.

To make an insurance claim, you need to contact your insurance provider directly. For more details, check out our Claims page. We’re here to help make insurance claims easier. Just fill in the Claims form and our team will get you sorted.

Of course, you can but you won’t be able to get your exclusive Common Ground discount or recommendations and assistance from our team of insurance advisors.

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