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Simply put – an insurance broker puts your interests first. They aren’t an agent with a specific insurance company. Buying from a broker means you can buy with confidence knowing that the recommended coverage is right for your particular needs.


Using the services of a broker doesn’t cost you any extra. Brokers are paid a similar commission by any insurance company they place your business with. They are also completely open about their transactions and encourage you to ask them about their remuneration.



No one wants to make a claim, but if you have to, an insurance broker will help you with the process and can provide claims counselling. A broker’s experience and advice is always focused on your needs and satisfaction.


Brokers are a local resource centre for safety information and crime prevention, and are part of your community’s emergency response team. They will be among the first to respond to your community. Buying from a broker means you are investing in your own community.



When it comes to determining your insurance needs, put a broker’s knowledge to work for you. Brokers are experts at finding you the coverage you need for a competitive price, and can help you determine discounts you’re eligible for. They also can support you with risk assessment to help protect you and your interests.



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A broker does not charge you for their services; they are paid in commission by the insurance companies who are pleased to have the extra customers. It’s true that the bargain-basement prices you might be quoted online may not be available through a broker. The reason for this is that brokers know from experience that extremely low prices invariably translate into poor or extremely poor service or level of cover.

Independence is very important to a broker. They are crystal clear that they provide a service to you. Their goal is to find a product that will serve you the best. Most brokers use a panel of insurance providers, picking out the most suitable products for you.

Brokers use a panel of insurers, rather than giving you access to every possible provider on the market. However, a broker will still present you with a multiple options to choose from, usually with different prices and levels of cover attached. Plus you get the peace of mind that the panel is made up of credible, trusted insurers who will provide good services if you need to make a claim.

Brokers do more than relay information between a client and the insurer. They have in-depth knowledge of their panel of insurance companies and know all the common misunderstandings that can cause problems. Brokers know how insurance works, inside and out; for example, they might advise that a bundled insurance package would provide better value than purchasing separate policies, or help you clear up any ambiguity about what a particular policy covers.

Insurance could be the lifeline that saves your domestic circumstances or your business, so it’s worth ensuring the right cover is in place. Buying online is about form-filling, but there are always grey areas that could leave you open to uninsured loss. Brokers tend to offer insurance at the same prices that are quoted online, but most importantly, they make sure the cover you buy can be relied on.

Although brokers are commonly associated with the purchase of insurance, by law, they help clients to update the insurer of any changes in their circumstances. They will help you understand what information should be passed to the insurer and ensure it is presented in the right format.

If you need to claim on your insurance, a broker can be your best friend to guide you through an often complex process. Their assistance can help to make a claim less stressful, quicker and securing the optimum pay-out.

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If you’ve got a quick question, just WhatsApp us at ‭+601114289177 from Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm (except public holidays) or hit the button below (may not work on your desktop/laptop).